Terms & Conditions

Notary email is a service owned by Viva.Fit Ltd., Kersnikova 1, 1241 Kamnik, Slovenia, EU.
Notary.Email service use partner network of notary service providers.
Viva.Fit Ltd. (owner) is an owner of the services, brand and all intellectual property on this website.
InfoSafe Ltd. (technology provider) is leading all operations on website inclusive technology.

If you do not agree with the terms and conditions please do not use Notary.Email website and Notary.Email services.

1. Notary.Email is a service, which can be used exclusively in compliance with this Terms of use and instructions

2. Notary.Email enables the user to send email in a way that sender, recipient, time and content of the email is provable.

3. After sending of email, the user gets proof of reception. Accepted confirmation is necessary information for the user. When such approval is accepted user can be sure that Notary.Email has saved the message.

4. Notary.Email saves the messages exclusively for the case when the user needs proof of sender, recipient, time or optionally also the content of the email.

5. Notary.Email commits obligation of full respect of user privacy. Notary.Email does not access the data stored without explicit request given by the user. All emails stored at Notary.Email service are encrypted by the random SHA-256 compliant unlock key and Notary.Email does not see or store original message or unlock keys. If user looses the unlock key, email cannot be deciphered. User is accepting full liability for saving the unlock key of the message. All privacy conditions are regulated by our Privacy policy.

6. Notary.Email service creates service packages. If the amount of data exceed the package ordered by the user, Notary.Email will notify the user about that and bill the user for the exceeded amount by the end of the month. Notary.Email can advice larger package to the user. In any case, the user has to agree to the new larger package.

7. Notary.Email issues the confirmation of sent email on user request. Confirmation contains data about the sender, recipient, time and optionally content of the email if required.

8. For the purpose of evidence in administrative and judicial proceedings, the user can order notary certificate about email. Notary will issue the certificate in compliance with the notary law, valid in the European Union. Notary certificate is the subject of an additional invoice, which the user pays directly to the notary office who issues the certificate. The price for the official certificate is calculated by the clerk and the official price list.

8a. Notary indicative prices. The law regulates the prices of notary services. All prices for the user will always be in compliance with the official price list.

The price might be higher in case of printed certificates. The additional price depends on amount of pages to be certified. Every additional A4 printed page costs will be approximately 0,65€. The price does not include VAT.

9. Viva.Fit Ltd. or respected distributors will order the notary certification in notary office in the name of the user. The user will receive an pro-invoice for the notary office service. Notary office service pro-invoice has to be paid in full before notary office issue the certificate.

10. Notary.Email service is in beta stage. Notary.Email service and his owners offer the service as it is. Notary.Email will do the best to keep service running. Notary.Email and his owners do not accept any liability for direct or indirect losses of users or his subsidiaries which might occur by coincidence or caused by force majeure, Internet connection or server failures, failures on users connections, software or hardware as well as all other reasons which are not under direct control of Notary.Email owners.

11. Warning. Notary.Email is not a substitution for traditional mail services when legislation or legal agreements request the standard mail service.

12. In some countries Notary.Email service provide sending of standard mail as well. Option depends on national operater of Notary.Email service.